How to make pastry puff at home

I rely on puff pastry for so many things: puff pastry donuts, appetizers like ham and cheese puff pastry squares, chicken pot pie, breakfast apple turnovers, and quite possibly my favorite: apple tarte tatin. (Seriously, if you love apple pie but haven’t had the MUCH easier French version called Tarte Tatin, you have to make it!)

This recipe makes one sheet of perfect puff pastry for you to use in any recipe you like!

My tutorial for how to make puff pastry from scratch:

Step 1 of how to make puff pastry:
Easy and quick puff pastry @dessertfortwo

Add 1 cup of flour (125 grams) and 1/4 teaspoon of fine sea salt to your bowl. Stir gently. Add the 10 tablespoons (5 ounces) of COLD butter chopped into pieces, and then begin to work the butter into the flour mixture using a pastry blender, two forks, or your fingertips. If you’re using your fingertips, pinch the butter and smear it through the flour lightly. The fastest way to incorporate butter for homemade puff pastry is by using your fingers.

Step 2:
Easy homemade puff pastry @dessertfortwo

Gather your mixture into a rough ball and press it into a square shape on a well-floured cutting board or other work surface. Use plenty of flour to avoid sticking, but also be mindful about adding too much flour to your dough.

Homemade puff pastry @dessertfortwo

Give the dough a quarter turn and repeat. So, you roll out the dough, fold it like a letter, and turn at least 5 times. You’ll notice the dough becomes easier and easier to work with. This is how you know you’re doing it right!

Homemade simple puff pastry @dessertfortwo

You made it! You successfully made homemade puff pastry from scratch! Now, wrap your dough baby in plastic wrap and stash it in the fridge. Or, the freezer, but remember to follow my rules for defrosting below.

I’ve answered some common questions that I get on my 15 minute puff pastry recipe below:

Which kind of butter should I use for this easy puff pastry recipe?

I tend to use unsalted butter for my baking needs. This way, I can add salt to my taste. I will always give you an exact amount of salt to use, but feel free to add more if you’re making a savory recipe, or less if you’re making a sweet recipe.

Honestly, the best way to make it is to do it the day before and let it rest in the fridge. This way, you still get the convenience factor of grabbing a sheet from the fridge and baking! You can also make this recipe and stash it in the freezer. If you wish to freeze it, fold it length-wise along the longest edge so that it mimics the puff pastry you buy in the store. Then, defrost it overnight in the fridge, and let it rest on the counter for 15 minutes before attempting to use it.

Does the quality of butter matter for making rough puff pastry?

In a word, YES. I will receive a lot of arguments for cheap butter, but I just don’t buy it. Higher-quality butter has a slightly higher percentage fat and a better flavor that is unmistakable. If you don’t believe me, make one batch with regular grocery store butter and one with a European-style butter. You WILL taste the difference. Sorry that I just increased your grocery bill 🙂

Can I double this recipe for quick puff pastry?

Yes, absolutely! I would love for you to stock your freezer and fridge with this homemade puff pastry from scratch. I will caution you to stop at doubling it, don’t triple it. When you double it, be sure to divide it in half before you begin your rolling sessions.

And finally: here’s a video showing you exactly how to make puff pastry

I’m so glad that I could teach you how to make easy puff pastry from scratch! Enjoy!


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