• Customer information privacy policy

Customer information privacy policy

• 1.Purpose and scope of information collection
Amoza will collect various information about you when you want to place an order on the web.
Amoza collects, stores and processes your information for the purpose of purchasing and for future announcements, and to provide services. Amoza will use the information you have provided to process orders, provide provide services and information requested through the website and upon your request.
Online payments will be processed by reputable banks in Vietnam.
• 2. Scope of information use:
• Customer information is used in sales and customer care.
• 3. Information storage time:
• The information you register with Amoza.net is stored on the system until the website stops working, or until you request to delete all personal data (including basic information when posting. account registration, transaction histories).
• 4. Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information
• All your information is stored on a server located at a third party provider with the provision that it is only accessible by Amoza.net or another authorized organization as required by law. Sales information can be accessed at Amoza’s headquarters at 38, lane 80, Bac Cau street, Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi.
• 5. Commitment to confidentiality of customer’s personal information
• All transaction information will be kept confidential, but in case the law requires it, Amoza will be forced to provide this information to the legal authorities.
• In case the Customer provides its personal information to many different organizations and individuals, the Customer must request the related parties to keep the same confidentiality. When all personal information of the Customer is disclosed, causing damage to the Customer, the Customer must determine the source of the information disclosure. Amoza is not responsible when Customer information is disclosed without good grounds to represent the party disclosing the information.
• Privacy policy only applies to information you register on Amoza’s official website. All information you register at web sites

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